OK, lemme explain.


At first, it sounds weird, right? DxD (pronounced Dee By Dee) Then you find out it means “Different By Design,” so you’re like “okay, I get it.” It’s definitely a lifestyle and a mindset. It’s a daily discovery of what serving Jesus Christ really means. It’s also a free event we do every summer. We’ll enjoy some good food & good music. We talk through some important topics that often get ignored. Things like “how to navigate life on campus” and “dangers of party life.” We’ll have a chance to play some games & win some prizes, too. It’s a fun day, but it’s also a chance to find out there are kids really trying to live for God.  And finding kids who aren’t totally brainwashed by the drama queens & clout-chasers is HARD to find.

But, here you are! You found us.